Is Alexa Traffic Rank Important – 4 resources to help you find out

“Is Alexa Traffic Rank Important?” is something a client asked me the other day, and I realised I didn’t have a definite answer to give them… I found the following 4 articles to be very useful!

1 ) SEO Book:

Over the last few days my Alexa has doubled from around 13,400 to around 6,800. Wow I am great. Not really!
If you looked at my actual server logs you would see that traffic has been fairly constant over the past week with only a small uptick in traffic of about 5 percent. Why the huge increase in Alexa rankings then? Continue reading


16 WordPress Sites to Help You Build a Better Blog

by Matt Alexander

So you finally decided to step up your blogging game and build yourself a site with WordPress. You’ve install a pretty good free theme and have a few posts under your belt. After a few days, you get seriously bored with the “My blog kinda looks like everyone else” syndrome and start your search for some creative ways to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

In this article, I will help you on your journey by showing you the 16 best places to find WordPress tutorials, hacks, themes and design inspiration to take your blog to the level it deserves. Continue reading

All in One SEO Pack 中文版

一、什么是All in One SEO Pack?

All in One SEO Pack,wordpress的一个seo插件,用这一个插件你就可以实现wordpress的整体优化。

二、All in One SEO Pack有什么作用?

  • 1、可以给每篇文章添加独立的关键词;
  • 2、可以给每篇文章添加独立的meta标签;
  • 3、可以给每篇文章添加独立的description;
  • 4、可以给每篇文章添加独立的摘要;
  • 5、可以给每篇文章自动生成摘要;
  • 6、可以防止存档页和首页的内容被抓取,从而防止因重复内容被google降权Continue reading

What makes a website successful? It might not be what you expect!

What makes some sites succeed and others fail? Put another way, when you are asked to redesign an existing website, what problems are you looking out for and where do you concentrate your efforts?

I would argue that as web designers we spend too much time looking at the wrong kind of problem.

I recently ran a free open door consultancy clinic to celebrate the launch of my new book (yes I know, two shameless plugs in one sentence). This involved various website owners volunteering their sites for review. Both myself and the audience then provided feedback.

What quickly became apparent is that the feedback being given by the audience was biased towards design and development.

Although their comments were excellent it focused almost exclusively on the quality of code, site aesthetics and usability. To address these issues in isolation is similar to treating symptoms and ignoring the underlying illness. Continue reading