Maps In Modern Web Design: Showcase and Examples

By Zach Dunn

Geo-location was a hot topic in 2009. With so many applications on GPS-enabled smartphones, more maps than ever were accessible to the average person. But how can Web designers and developers take advantage of an increasingly location-aware user base? This article explores existing trends, conventions and the possible future of interactive maps online.

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Web Application Homepage Design 程序应用在首页的元素设计

前次读到UCD  China 中一位同仁评论中的一句话——“把网页设计成操作系统的样式”——颇有感触, 引发了对网页和操作系统关联的思考。不过随着各种操作系统的发布,像 Google Chrome,以及人们上网方式的多样化的普及(like iphone), 基于网络的操作程序又该如何设计才能优化用户体验呢? Continue reading