How To Minimize Errors

Errors happen. It’s inevitable that any system will fail at times. Often failures are attributed to human error. Most, though are really due to design errors. As designers what can we do to minimize errors and their effects on our sites and in our applications?

Unknown error dialog box

Fortunately we can communicate through a variety design strategies in a way that reduce both the frequency of errors on the sites we build and the magnitude of those errors that inevitably occur.

There are a number of strategies and a lot to cover. We’ll begin today with a look at errors in general, the different types and causes of errors, and offer a quick mention of the strategies at our disposal. Then we’ll look in more detail at the first of these strategies for countering errors, affordance. Continue reading


Five Minute Upgrade – Make Your Workstation (More) Ergonomic

by Sam Dunn

I’m going to be bold for just a moment and assume that you spend a fair amount of time at the computer.

If you pile on hour after hour in front of a screen, maybe you should take the time to make sure you’re as comfortable as you could possibly be – which is where ergonomics comes in.

Ergonomics is the science of designing the job, equipment, and workplace to fit the worker. There are two reasons to have an ergonomic setup – health and productivity.

With that said, why not see what you can do to tweak your work environment and consequently live a longer and more productive life?

Five Minute Upgrade – Make Your Workstation (More) Ergonomic Continue reading