UPA2009 User Friendly Conference Notes (2)

The Dawning of the Age of Experience – Jared M. Spool
  1. Apple’s Success and Netflix’s Success- Successful Experience design integrate the user and the business
  2. Chicken Sexing Example- Successful Experience Design is learned but not open to introspection
  3. Interface of Jennifer Tily and  Friends- Successful Experience Design is invisible
  4. Successful Experience Design is Multidisciplinary
  5. Successful Experience Design is Cultural
  6. Essential Experience Design Components
    1. Good communication
    2. Clear Focus  on Vision
    3. The Right People
    4. Feedback Loop
    5. Fast Iterations
  7. Make fast iterations Happen
  • Eliminate major redesigns- break design challenge into small chunks
  • Heavy emphasis on feedback mechanism- collect as much information as possible
  • Get everyone involved – decision happen everywhere

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